I’m an Award Winning Graphic Designer with 25 years experience in branding and corporate advertising.

In 2008 I moved to Brighton and started my own boutique agency after several years working in major London studios, working with other freelance designers, photographers and illustrators.

We specialise in producing creative visual communications and design for print and digital platforms.

Understanding clients’ needs and extensive experience across numerous industries and sectors ensures any proposition is translated into fresh and impactful design concepts.

Andy Heath


We aim to establish strong and memorable brand presences that resonate with the target audience, build trust, and set the brand apart from competitors. Logos, typography, color palettes and visual assets, as well as tone of voice come together to form the foundations of this presence.

We will explore different creative directions, experimenting with typography, color schemes, and graphic elements, while considering factors such as legibility, scalability, and adaptability across various mediums.

Once the identity is established, we will apply it consistently across all touchpoints, from printed stationery and brochures to websites and social media profiles.

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The branding was insane! Our shows genuinely wouldn’t have come to life like they have without the creatives. They have really elevated the experience courtesy of world class design and event themes that bring the brand to life resulting in significant increases in sponsorship and visitor NPS.

James McGough

Managing Director, Technology, Clarion Events


A well-designed website is more than just a digital storefront. It’s a powerful tool that can engage, inform, and convert visitors into customers. We combine WordPress web design knowledge with a strong visual expertise to create websites that capture attention and drive results.

A hosting and web upkeep service is also available.


With experience working with an offshoot of Saatchi & Saatchi we have a good understanding of effective advertising and promotion, creating eye catching ads, posters, flyers and direct mail.

We would initially establish the goals and objectives of the campaign identifying the market and develop attention-grabbing content to communicates the message effectively.

We will ensure integratation with digital platforms to amplify the message and engage with a broader audience. This could involve incorporating website URLs, social media handles, or QR codes directing the user to online content.


We create engaging and persuasive content that grabs attention, tailoring the message to align with the target audience.

Just like its print equivalent, digital advertising needs compelling visuals, strong headlines, and concise copy to deliver a proposition effectively. Its primary purpose usually being to redirect the viewer to a place where this proposition can be explained in fuller detail.


We use a range of visual and editorial elements that work together to create an engaging and cohesive publication. From layout and typography to color schemes and imagery, facilitating easy navigation, and delivering content effectively.

We will typically experiment with creative layouts, interactive elements and infographics to enhance reader engagement whether produced in print or digitally.


Incorporating elements such as charts, graphs, icons, illustrations, and typography, infographics enhance the understanding and retention of information. They enable viewers to quickly grasp key insights, patterns, and trends by organizing data in a logical and visually appealing manner.


We produce visually arresting large format materials for exhibitions and expos and any area where space is not an issue!

• Billboards
• Exhibition Stands
• Installations
• Banners & Posters


We design well-rounded and impactful multi-media campaigns that effectively engage the target audience.

Each campaign is unique, adapted to suit the specific brand, industry, and audience.

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Working in event design with Andy is a superb experience where stellar concepts, engagement, and messaging coalesce. He has this uncanny ability to craft a story through beautiful imagery and graphics. As an environmental designer, I am reassured that the event will be first-class when Andy is in the mix.

James Harlan

Creative Director, The Expo Group


A full campaign from concept design, advertising and pre-show mail outs to at-show installations.

Held in San Diego.

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Comprising 51,466 square metres of floor space at ExCeL London with a attendance figures exceeding 40,000, ICE is the largest Gaming Expo in the world. I personally have been producing graphic design and concepts for this show since 2011.

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Clients we have worked with, past and present…